Approved Adsense on a Website

How to Approved Adsense on a Website

Approved adsense on a website is very simply now days by Google adsense just you need to understand some basic initial points before approval of Adsense on any website.

Most of people I have seen apply for buy adsense from someone else on different Facebook pages and groups and later they got disabled their adsense because of approval by illegal ways which is risky for everyone.

Following are the best simply ways to selection of domain name and hosting providers and approval of Adsense on website

Step Number One:

First of all ensure that what you want to post on your website I mean what is the purpose you want to make the website, you required aim, purpose of that particular website to attract viewers or users to your website, and you are start to making for earning.

Step Number Two:

Suggest a short domain name with .com and buy a domain from a well or trusted organization like, Go daddyName-cheap or Sudoly, they are most famous worldwide domain and hosting providers.

 Step Number Three:

Do not compromise on yourself to save money to buy cheap hosting service provider because later it may bad affect on your business due to low expertise and services.

Step Number Four:

After confirmation of domain name you must buy a hosting according to keep your data on that hosting, do not try to use free hosting services it may cause your website and Google adsense does not trust more on free hosting provider services.

Step Number Five:

There are so many packages you can find in hosting service providers you can buy according to your choice it’s depend what types of website you want to make.

In following picture here is an example of my this post of SEO in a single post, your can view readability showing in green color marked with good and SEO in yellow color marked with OK on my this post.

After Completion of Above five Steps what to do?

If you have completed above given five steps than now you need some following basic points you could be a professional website maker worldwide, now let me tell you the method of Adsense approval on your website.

Step Number One:

First of all create five page on your website that are Home, About Us, Contact Us, Privacy Policy and Disclaimer pages with posting good content when anyone open it must be readable it should not be blank pages.

Step Number Two:

If you creating menu or sub-menu button it must be having with some post or article, do not make any blank page on website otherwise it will error 404 and Google Adsense will not approve website because of error 404 on pages.

Now start to type articles on your website, the content must be your own do not copy any other or try to make changes if you have copy someone else content than you must change in your own wording.

Step Number Three:

In every article you must use title heading with Meta description; it will help to make your article top of Google searching and it must be more than 500 words with having at least 2 pictures inside content in each article.

Step Number Four:

At least more than 30 articles you need to post on your website before approval of Adsense with good SEO, how to SEO a website in word-press it is so simple and easy, just you need to install following plugins on your website

  • Yoast SEO Plugins
  • Jet-pack Plugins
  • AMP Plugins

These are the best plugins to make your website SEO and speed along checking of daily, weekly and monthly traffic on your website.

Step Number Five:

Now you need to make a Gmail account which is not used Adsense before it, use complete information with name, active mobile number and address, after verification make an account of adsense open adsense login page and connect with adsense.

Step Number Six:

Put complete detail on adsense login page with real current address and contact detail to get pin for verification when it required in future so that Google can send verification pin code on your given address.

Step Number Seven:

After process provide your website link on Google adsense and copy the code in your website between head tag , click themes – editor – header – edit and paste Adsense code between <head> paste code here </head> and save than close see, below picture.

Step Number Eight:

Now do not wait when it will approve, you just keep continue posting articles on your website, at least more than 2 articles in each day you must be post until it approved by adsense, this was simply method and you will get good news with in weak or 2 weeks or may be in a month.

Hope you understand about Adsense website approval method and if still persists any problem, than feel free to contact with me I will help you during Adsense approval.

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