How to Adjusting the Graphics In PUBG Game

Avoid the Lag in PUBG Mobile by Adjusting the Graphics Within the Game

How to Adjusting the Graphics In PUBG Game, PUBG Mobile is one of the fashionable Battle Royale. Part of its success on Android is that unlike Fortnite, it can be downloaded from Google Play and is compatible with virtually any Android smartphone. In addition to customizing its controls, we can manually adjust the graphical parameters of the game to achieve better performance, since the automatic mode does not always succeed as it should.

Like any graphically demanding game, PUBG Mobile can be experienced at its highest quality depending on the hardware power of our mobile. It is not the same to play in any of the new flagships of the market, then in a smartphone with low technical capabilities. In any case, PUBG can be adapted so that the experience is the best possible in those mobile phones that are very powerful for us. You have to remember, that the best option is to adjust the graphics from the game itself, since using third-party applications to modify the graphics can lead to the banning of your account.

How to adjust the graphics

If we have changed mobile or tried PUBLIC for the first time and noticed that the game experience is not satisfactory, we will have to go through the settings menu. Within this menu, we will have to go to the graphics section. As we see, we can play with both the quality of the graphics and with the frames to which the game moves. The idea is to go combining configurations until the experience is the ideal one. Keep in mind that the lower the quality, the harder it is to see the enemies and distinguish between trees or grass. In this case, we can choose from the lowest to the Ultra HD option.

If the battery warms up or runs out

The same happens with the frames per second, which can combine with the quality of the graphics. In this case, PUBG recommends reducing the frames per second if we notice that our smartphone gets too hot, regardless of whether the performance is good. We will also have to reduce this option if we notice that the battery runs out too fast. In the same menu of options, we will be able to re-initiate any adjustment that we have done and even to return to select the adjustments of automatic graphs. If you adopt these settings to the capabilities of your mobile, performance and your experience in PUBG Mobile should improve significantly.

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