Main Ayesha Gul Episode 42 Urdu Hindi

Main Ayesha Gul Episode 42 Urdu Hindi

Ayesha Gul is Turkish series; all episodes are translated in Urdu Hindi. Watch the best TV show Ayesha Gul on Urdu10 only in HD features. This series has been taken from Korean TV series called Full House, made in 2004.

The Turkish name of Ayesha Gul is Seren Sirince, she is an innocent beautiful girl who lived her in beautiful biggest house, and her parent was not alive in this serial.

She is the curious to write content scripts for a private TV channel. She has friends and they tricked on her to free vacation to Greece. She accepted chance to go Greece and there she met with famous TV actor Can Berk Oktay, but that meeting was not a good for her.

When Ayesha gul arrives at the hotel, she learns that she does not have a reservation on her name. With the help of a young and handsome guy named Murat Pamir Pekin, she eventually attains a room at the hotel. However, she understands that there is something wrong but she cannot reach her friends. She also realizes that she has no money.

While staying without hope at the outside of her house helps her and lets her stay at the house. She accepts to become his maid who will be responsible for cleaning and cooking.

Aysegul has nothing to do but to accept the offer so that he she can pay debt. The comic sequence of events let them to make a marriage contract. Aysegul and Can who pretend to be a married couple but in fact, do not get along with each other very well.

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