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Biography of Turkish Actress Sevda Erginci

Biography of Turkish Actress Sevda Erginci

Sevda Erginci was born on 3rd October 1993 in Istanbul Turkey. She started acting from 2012 with first serial known as Koyu Kimizi (Dark Red) performed role as Ayse, and now Sevgili Gecmis (Dear History) in 2019 started from end of October 2019.

Sevda Erginci Education and Personality

Occupation: Actress, Celebrity

Relationship: she is dating with Yilmaz Kunt

Education: Acting study – Semaver Kumpanya- Kenter Tiyatrosu

Interested in: Sevda Erginci is interested in theater from at the age of she was 15 years of old

Popularity: Sevda Erginci got popularity in Turkish drama Karagul (Black Rose)

Height: 5’ 3” (1.5 m)

Zodiac Sign: Libra

Age: 26 Years

Estimated Net Worth: More than $500k

Religion: Muslim

Eye Color: Brown

Hair Color: Light Brown

Body: Slim

Nationality: Turkish

Residency: Istanbul

Sevda Erginci Movies and TV Series

2012: Koyu Kimizi (Dark Red) performed role as Ayse

2012: Veda (Farewell) performed role as Lamia

2013: Karagul (Black Rose) performed role as Ayse

2015: Uzaklarda Arama (Not So far away) performed role as Nazli (Movie)

2016: Hayat Bazin Tatlidir (Bitter Sweet Life) performed role as Kara Sevda

2017: Ver Elini Ask (Let’s Fall in Love) performed role as Sultan Ayperi

2018: Yasak Elma (Forbidden Fruit) performed role as Zeynep Yilmaz

2019: Sevgili Gecmis (Dear History, Sisterhood) as Ipek

Sevda Erginci New Drama in Urdu Hindi

Sevda Erginci Sevgili Gecmis (Dear History, Sisterhood) episode 1 Urdu has been started in Turkish and in English language, soon first episode will be post here in Urdu Hindi language so keep visit this website to watch all episodes in Urdu or Hindi of drama Sevgili Gecmis

Official Websites

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