Canadian Island gives land and work to those immigration to it

One of the Canadian islands announced the need for new immigrants to move in exchange for a piece of land and a continent job. It is about the Cape Breton Island. Business owners and businesses in the island have announced that they will not give much money to people who move to the island, but they have a lot of land to give to new immigrants to Cape Breton, as well as a respectable job opportunity.

The population of this island is steadily decreasing, if it encourages immigration, and this decision aims to increase the population on the Canadian island and thus get new staff to move the economy of the island. Immigration to Canada is the basis of the country’s economy. Skilled immigrants are welcome in Canada in general.
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The large shops in the island have received many requests for employment from people specializing in many jobs. The owner of a store received more than 3,000 job applications, confirmed that she had hired all local workers and that she could sign up more contracts of up to five years for two acres of land owned by each new worker.

“We can not make a lot of money for the new workers now, but we can give them a piece of land and good work,” says a shopkeeper on the island. “All we want is a serious employee who always works to develop our projects.”

Many areas of Canada suffer from a shortage of population and an urgent need for labor. Many companies and employers are constantly offering attractive work contracts to work in Canada, especially in rare specialties in Canada.

In view of the applicable law, immigration to Canada and obtaining a visa to work visa in Canada requires the fulfillment of two conditions:

An invitation or promise to work in your name, edited by the Canadian employer, and approved by the Ministry of Labor and Social Development of Canada.

Obtaining a work permit after obtaining a visa, if the practice of your business in Canada is conditional upon obtaining it
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