Deleting Siri recordings from Apple’s servers

Deleting Siri recordings from Apple’s servers

You should have felt of deleting all of your Siri recordings from Apple’s servers if you are updated about the news. Here’s what happened.

When the shocking revelation came out that how Apple uses contractors for Siri’s quality control, Apple got surrounded by a lot of controversies. Contractors had the access to hear that may included sensitive or personal information of the users. Resultantly, Apple teamed up with Google in terminating its program. Apple didn’t mention whether it was actually terminating or those particular recordings still takes place.

Apple have this stature of protecting privacy but the privacy controls that Apple gives to its users are fragile, dull and invisible. Its satiric as because Apple have  much better policies and technologies when it comes to user data and still it allowed such a mysterious program to run. View some latest product about amazon echo add ons and accessories 2019.

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Remove Siri Recording from Apple iPhone

Google, Amazon and Facebook have their online portals through which users can have an overview of the data settings, delete the required data and get to know what the company knows about you. On the other hand, Apple doesn’t offer any online portal to review Siri’s data. The privacy policies of Apple give us a lot of explanations about Apple’s policies but no particular information is being given on your data to delete it. Through Apple’s website, you can delete or download all your data. It seems difficult for Apple to keep a web based online portal as Apple solely focuses on keeping data on various devices.

Apple planned to give its users the option to attempt disabling their human review of voice logs, but it doesn’t mean that it is allowing you to turn off saving your recordings by default. Apple still hasn’t offered the option to use Siri and preventing your voice to get saved to the servers. May be Apple is going to allow its user’s to talk to Siri without it’s recordings being saved on Apple’s servers but this is the talk of the future.

There is a twist in the story that needs to turn off dictation and Siri on your devices and you can get rid of the voice recordings. Once you are done with this, you won’t be able to use Siri if you remove the recordings. This is somewhat disappointing as it would have been better if you could delete the Siri recordings without having to disable the voice recording assistant from your iPhone and Mac.

How to delete Siri recordings from your iPhones:

  1. Firstly, you have to launch the settings app on your device

2. Secondly, tap Siri & search

Now, turn off the toggle for Listen for “Hey Siri”. Keep in your mind to turn off the switch for Press side button for Siri.

Once you have done it, you are going to see a warning message from Apple that you have turned off Siri. Ignore that message.

3. Then, tap the back arrow located at the top left corner and select General

4. After that, tap keyboard

5. Lastly, turn off the Enable Dictation switch and confirm by tapping over Turn Off Dictation

You can use the same procedure in your iPads as well. Was it helpful? Share your experiences in the comment section below.

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