Facebook preparing to show dark mode for mobile app

Facebook preparing to show dark mode for mobile app

We all are familiar what are dark modes and why they are becoming popular day by day. The most surprising and happy news for the day is that Facebook is now taking users’ requirements seriously.

The screenshots gives us an idea of how it would look. One of the pictures that surfaced was showing dark text on dark background showing that it must be an intense version of dark mode. We can’t say what the exact time of launch is and when we are going to enjoy this feature. There are so many dark modes introduced over the internet in 2019.

Facebook is preparing to add dark mode to Android mobile apps. This is definitely the most awaited feature and it was spotted by app researcher Manchun Wong who went into the sheets of unreleased version of this mode and in Facebook apps core. Only some parts of the app are developed again to support this dark mode.

Reasons to Change Dark Mode App

Google have updated its apps to have this feature. Android Q is seen to have a dark mode; even iOS 13 is going to have a dark mode. The developers have finally cared for its users eyes and wants people to enjoy and save their eyes. This is joyful news for almost all the users. Now, Facebook have jumped in the pool of dark modes and it also developed dark mode for its messenger earlier this year.

The design isn’t seem to be finished and near to its final stages. According to Jane, the design has a lot of development to do and obviously it is going to take some time to implement it throughout the Facebook at once.

Dark modes gained popularity as a way to save mobile’s battery and not using much energy to power the screen. It saves users eyes from straining while using devices in lowlight.

People Suggestions and Feedback About Facebook

People like dark modes for various reasons like apps on dark modes look elegant and also some love to have long battery lives for their phones. Facebook has not responded about its new feature yet.

It will be interesting to see how this dark mode is going to look all over the app. People are very excited regarding this mode and may be this excitement is going to lead to Facebook’s motivation to launch this feature soon. Users now no longer have to stress their eyes out due to this upcoming mode and that’s the beauty of it. I am personally a huge fan of dark modes.

Facebook haven’t officially launched its dark mode but still you can install an extension from your browser called Night Eye and enable dark mode in desktop version on Facebook.


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