Best French Perfumes (Brands) For Women 2020

Perfumes used by French women to attract men

Best French Perfumes (Brands) For Women 2020. France is the well recognized nation for its advantage in invention of fragrances. When thinking of France and its women, its also timeless elegance. These women’s fragrances will have you feeling like a true Parisian in no time. Below, our top picks for the best French perfumes.

No one understands the power of a beautiful and signature perfume quite like the French. The perfumes from France were a craze in Victorian era and even today they have not lost their charm and demand!When it comes to blend in the most bizarre of aroma’s that simply drives us crazy, they still lead the world market in the business of perfumes.

When it comes to beauty and fashions, there are few must-have products for both men and women. Perfumes are one of them. There are many types of perfume to choose from. The one which is trending this year is French perfume.

Are you also in the search of some good French perfumes that last long with charming fragrance? Here is my list of top 7 best selling French perfumes in 2020.

Avon Rate Gold Perfume

A gold standard floral-sweet perfume specially used for women. People around you will definitely love this woody scent. The main notes of this perfume are ylang-ylang, lily, sandalwood, amber, sweet bergamot, jasmine and vanilla. The pure luxury perfume is launched back in 1995 by Avon.

Avon Rate Gold Perfume

Best Highlights:

  • Flower scent
  • Specially for Women
  • Daily wear and Special Occasion

Nina Ricci

Maria “Nina” Ricci and her son Henry M. Robert support the style house Nina Ricci. Nina Ricci is a well known French perfumes brand. They have made up different fragrances and there are very few that haven’t been the fancy of the masses.

Nina Ricci french perfume

Burberry Weekend for Women

Burberry Weekend has a very unique perfume, lovable and fruity scent. As the name suggested, the best perfume for your weekend party, events, celebration that keeps you all time fresh and energetic for long hours.

Burberry Weekend for Women french perfume

Best Highlights:

  • Suitable for Warm Weather (Summer)
  • Specially for Women
  • A romantic nature perfume

Avon Rare Pearls

This classic floral fragrance made with honey, palm, rosewood, tulip flowers and pepper. The scent of this long-lasting perfume will definitely relax your mind and make you all time energetic. Avon Rare Pearls was first launched in 2004.

Avon Rare Pearls french perfume 2020

Best Highlights:

  • Scent of flowers
  • Specially for Women
  • A romantic nature perfume

Avon Passion Dance

This French perfume lasts long and relaxes your mood throughout the day. The fragrance of jasmine, lemon, papaya blossom and black rose will attract people near you.

Avon Passion Dance perfume 2020

Best Highlights:

  • Scent of flowers
  • Specially for Women
  • A romantic nature perfume

Lolita Lempicka Si Lolita

Lolita Lempicka is the name of a French tailor and a fragrance creator who offered a brand new fragrance called Si young girl in the year 2009. Si young girl is a fragrance of delight and elixir of affection.

Lolita Lempicka Si Lolita perfumes 2020

Best Highlights:

  • Scent of flowers
  • Specially for Women
  • A romantic nature perfume

Guerlain Idylle

Guerlain Idylle is one among perfumes of this list that have driven the consumers crazy and was introduced within the year 2010. Guerlain is one among the French houses of perfumes that is the oldest perfumes in the world. It has an unbelievably oversized fan following.

Guerlain Idylle perfumes 2020

Annick Goutal Rose Pompon

A more sensual rose with still a Parisian twist of cheekiness. In a rose garden, it would be the one that looks the most sensual, the most velvety, and the most attractive perfume, mostly used by girls.

Annick Goutal Rose Pompon perfumes 2020

Following are the best-selling fragrances in France

  • Bleu de Chanel
  • Paco Rabanne 1 Million
  • Dior Joy
  • Chanel Coco Mademoiselle
  • Givenchy L’Interdit
  • Dior Eau Sauvage
  • Dior J’Adore
  • Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male

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