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High Society Armaan Urdu Episode 7

High Society Armaan Urdu Episode 7

High society Arman urdu episode 7. Turkish Yuksek Sosyete famous serial, it is the story about high society family that how there living style in society attracts others like poor and strange persons in their families.

Armaan show aired on LTN Family Channel once in a weak at Pakistan standard time 8 pm on Wednesday and Thursday, and later uploaded on YouTube channel name Filmazia and Urdu Online

It is the story has been taken from Korean Drama series, with two separate and sorrowful world you can say about it, this drama series is consists on love based series in which one high society young girl does not settle with her family.

How to Watch Armaan All Episodes

So in this serial the names of characters are something like Maan, Saarim, Shanzu, Rija, the main characters of the story around them, and the remaining character in which shanzu family like parents and brother and sisters also have a great part in this serial.

all episodes of this serial will be shown on this website in alternative days, so enjoy and entertain this drama in local language Urdu or Hindi in HD features.

Armaan High Society Urdu Episode 7

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Watch Armaan Episode 7 Urdu & Hindi full in HD

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