How to Control Public Privacy

How to Control Public Privacy

To days worldwide if we look our society than we have to face so many problems to protect self when we out of home for the purpose to fulfill daily requirement, the reason is social media and some of cruel types of mind which make viral a little things.

If we go out side of home we found so many street camera installed several places at every market, shops, hotels or even bus stops to control security system, in fact negative minded peoples used those cameras to capture public personal activities and make it viral to rank their social accounts or YouTube channels.

What is Public Privacy

It is the right of every person to not share their data with any other what ever recorded on public security camera installed by government or any other private sectors at every where

Public should not do such incidents on public places, otherwise they will famous like leaked of Emporium Mall Lahore videos, than Islamabad Hospital videos and now the Islamabad road car videos got viral.

So my i request from such peoples, please do not perform such activities on public places to make you viral worldwide.

Public places security is the purpose of governments which ensures the protection of citizens, persons in their region and institutions against gender activities and to the prosperity of their communities

This will definitely affect on society, that where we are going, and what Islam teach us, before doing this need to think.

After number of increased usage of mobile phones and people start to record personal activities on public places

How to Self Protect from such Things

First of all i recommend you to do not make any unusual things such as kiss, sex, or any other negative things on public places.

If you going to any market, hotel, shopping mall or any other famous luxurious places than you must know about CCTV camera locations and also about hidden camera locations and hide yourself from them.

Avoid any personal interfere with any one on public place before someone record your that moment on mobile phone and later post or share on social media after edit things which was not actual

That is the reason to famous of Imperial mall Lahore video leakage than Islamabad hospital video leakage and now here is Islamabad car video leakage

How Public Videos Leaked

There are several ways of leakages of public private videos, but some of them you must know who leaked and how, there are several private CCTV camera installed on the corner of streets by private companies for the purpose of security, but the user of those CCTV camera are may be involved to sale data of normal peoples after captured in CCTV they sale and other persons make benefit of those videos after edit some other negative things and start to make those videos on social media to gain rank to earn money, so i suggest you to open your eyes and protect yourself before go anywhere outside of home.

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