How to Increase Rank in PUBG

How to Increase Rank in PUBG

PUBG is the most playing game in the world now a day’s rumors, to increase rank in PUBG there are several easy ways but most of peoples does not know about that, so here in this article we are telling about increasing rank in PUBG to get many benefits.

In Urdu Detail go to Last Heading for Rank Increase in PUBG

First of all to increase rank you must know about PUBG rank level and their names following are the steps to reach next levels

Survival Ranking

What is Survival Ranking, it is about how much time you remain in the game, this ranking increase according to your survival time in the game, it means you need  to keep alive in game till last time or till top 5 or top 10 to increase survival ranking.

Reason to Decreasing of Survival Ranking

It decreases when you killed in the game before 5 minutes or 10 minutes at start of the game, it will minus your ranking points.

Kill Ranking

Kill ranking increased according to your killing as many you will kill your ranking point will increase with this, and if you cannot kill till the end of game than your ranking will no decrease will killing rank will not increase

Total Ranking

This ranking depends how you play in the game, if you killing 2 or 3 enemies and remain in the last of game, surely your rank point will increases with more than +20.

Following are the Levels with reverse orders

  • Sliver Tier

Silver V, Silver IV, Silver lll, Silver, ll and Silver I

  • Bronze Tier

Bronze V, Bronze IV, Bronze lll, Bronze, ll and Bronze I

  • Platinum Tier

Platinum V, Platinum IV, Platinum lll, Platinum, ll and Platinum I

  • Diamond Tier

Diamond V, Diamond IV, Diamond lll, Diamond, ll and Diamond I

  • Ace Tier

Ace V, Ace IV, Ace lll, Ace, ll and Ace I

  • Crown Tier

Crown V, Crown IV, Crown lll, Crown, ll and Crown I

  • Conqueror Tier

Conqueror V, Conqueror IV, Conqueror lll, Conqueror, ll and Conqueror I

T o reach Conqueror Tier you need to complete remaining levels, so the main thing is you need to reach first level than try to reach for next level and for this you need to survive in the game till last with having kills at least 3 or 4, otherwise you ranking will be decreased.

Increase Rank in PUBG Urdu Detail

Sab se pahly ap ko game k kuch rules maloom hony chaheyen, game ki ranking increase karny k liye steps aur level diye gai hyn, jo k bahut kam log janty hyn to aaiye me apko is post me batata hun k kese hum rank increase kar sakty hen pubg game me.


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