Best Treatment to Remove Acne from Face

Best Treatment to Remove Acne, Symptoms and Causes

How to Remove Acne from Face

World’s 5th persons are the victim of Acne is the most common problem now days, those who are the victim of acne, they think about to commit suicide.

More than half of Acne sufferers have been verbally abused by friends and family. So you need to wake up and start to fight against this remedy at your own home made treatment.

Acne Symptoms found on Face

  • Pimples (Pustules) Tips with pus
  • Small red (Papules) tender bumps
  • Whiteheads (Pores closed)
  • Blackheads (Pores opens)
  • Solid Large, (Nodules) at skin surface very painful

Acne Causes found on Face

Four main reasons cause acne, that are given following

  • Bacteria
  • Excess oil production
  • Excess activity of hormone (androgen’s)
  • Hair follicles clogged dead skin cells & oil

Severe Acne Eruption of Suicide Attack

Through research globally more than around 700 million peoples are suffer from acne and around 23 million from India and 4 million from Pakistan, with more than 90% of the world’s population are suffering from pimples that is called acne.

At some point in their life, it is slight guess that over 3 billion dollars in the US alone treat acne not only does acne affect the face and absolutely it scars the psyche.

It takes a toll on the Acne affects Emotional Health of patients by leading to Depression, Stress, anxiety and low self- esteem and poor quality of life.

Acne results from hormonal changed from puberty and cause in teenagers of hormonal changes, heredity also plays a role in which dandruff can cause Acne on the forehead and upper back, which production of curtain diseases like, PCOS could lead to Acne.

Depression, Stress and anxiety and over secretion of oil aggravates acne in the oily glands, there is no shortages of peoples trying homemade remedies to resolve this matter.

Acne Treatment Homeopathy

Homemade Remedy to Treatment of Acne

Start applying slightly toothpaste over Pustules or where you have acne on the face to washing face 25 times in a day remembers washing face with water.

Troubles Using Several Lotions and Potions

They give you temporary relief and leave behind permanent scarf or acne on your face, so you need to care and avoid using lotions and potion on your face.

It is imperative to treat Acne not superficially but from the top of root by identify it is cause this is exactly how homeopathy treats Acne well and that is the reason Homeopathic medicines helps to get rid of Acne all over on the face for life time by regulating hormones naturally.

Intensity, Frequency and Duration of Acne

The frequency, intensity and duration of Acne always reduce to a great extent and remedies do not cause any types of side effects and provide long lasting results.

Best 4 Homeopathic Remedies

The best four homeopathic remedies that give patient relief in Acne are following.

  • Silicea is a good remedy for Acne with Pus.
  • Bovista for acne due to cosmetics, it acts for Acne that results from the use of cosmetics.
  • Pulsatilla is often indicated for acne during Puberty
  • Nux Vomica is used for acne to prevent chemical medicinal side effects

The more you can take of your skin, the better you will be able to control acne by applying with these three simple steps.

Useful Steps for Acne Free Skin

Use Mild Face Wash

To keep your skin clear and acne-free use a mild face wash, Wash your face with a mild face wash.

Washing your face 3 to 4 times in a day opens the pores and cleans face with lukewarm water.

Drink Liquids

Drink liquids, water and fresh fruit juices to reduce acne and keep your skin replenished it helps reduce acne.

Don’t Prick or Squeeze Pustules

Do not squeeze or prick pustules, you are scare or scar them to reform in sever condition of acne.

Acne Risk Factors

Hormonal changes

People using certain medications, including those containing androgens, corticosteroids and lithium, such changes are commonly found in teenagers like women and girls.

Age Factors

Commonly it’s most found in teenagers but people of all ages can get acne.


In normal peoples stress or anxiety does not cause acne, it may lead sever condition if have acne from long time.

Family history

If both parents suffering from acne, you also could be a victim of acne, because genetics plays a role in acne.

Oily or Greasy Substance

Oil lotion and potions are the cause to develop acne in your skin and grease in working area such as kitchen with fry vats.

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