How to Solve Smartphone Heat up Problems

Friends! Now a day the smartphone is the basic requirement of every person including child, the reason is it is useful and helpful for all to face in any situation any where to connect with friends and family. The most of peoples using mobile for play games, and watching movies, sports and songs for long time even in last stage of battery power. There is no way either phone is costly or cheap the heat up problem are faced by most of peoples now a days, so lets start how to resolve this issue on our smartphones.

Why Mobile Phones Get Heat up

Any electronic device that is machine, in which have several components which also works with them, like cpu, car or motor bike, when anyone use, surely it will heat up when it run and there is an individual cooling system to make it cool, example we use car to drive and there is a radiator to make it cool through exhaust fan, and same as we use computer pc when it get heat up the processor installed over there which working as cooling the system to remove hot air through its fan and run system smooth for long time.

What is Processor and How it Works in Mobiles

In every smartphone there is Processor which run all time in mobiles to keep other components in working. Either anyone use mobile or not but the Processor is in working condition, basically it is a semi conductors in which there are small electrons to move to work, and during this movement when its collide with each other it generates heat due to fraction. and fan is the part which exhaust that heat through ventilation areas and some times it heat up too much and the capacity of that fan is not as required than mobile phones get overheated.

Why Mobile Phones Get Overload

The second main problem of Mobile heat up is Overload, this is because when anyone use more time it will surely heat up because of continuous to heat generations in installed components, when anyone plays many applications on mobile in one time it will heat up example a person play a PUGB game with Playing on high resolution is incredibly exhausting for your phone’s hardware and also recording that game through game app and opened some other apps like chrome YouTube than surely mobile will heat up, hanged and get overload in less time.

Avoid Long Duration Heavy Gaming in your Smartphone

The long duration to play heavy gaming is the main reason of heat up of mobiles, when anyone play in limit with low graphic resolution by setting than surely it will not make problem of heating and this will make your phone long time used otherwise you will lose small components installed on mobile which are not stable to bear continuously overheat problems.

Don’t Use Smartphone During Charging

Most of person play high resolution graphic games like PUBG or watch High Definition HD movies and videos while mobile on charging, in that facet when your mobile battery at on low percent it already required to more power and that is the time when your mobile on too much risk and some times battery get blast due to overheated and result is potential cause to harm or possible of sever injury if physically contacted. So i would suggest you to do not use when your mobile on charging.

Turn Off Your Smartphone Power-Hungry Background Apps

When anyone not use of mobile than turned off all other apps running on backhand which also affect on your battery timing and charging and this is the reason to reduce battery power gradually barbecues it consumes Ram and processing power and that make your mobile more heat up so you must close server apps anti-virus apps.

Update Smartphone System Software

Most of persons must be update their smartphones, some of persons update daily play store applications but forget to update operating system updates and this is the reason to lag your mobile on old dated and start to hang up and this is the reason you must need to update you smartphone operating system.

How to Reduce Heat up Problems in Mobiles

Lower the resolution when you play any games or watching movies or videos on your mobile
Turn down other visual effects and set it to low.
Never use any 3rd Party Phone Cooling Applications that claim to cool down your phone. These are completely bogus and many times contain malware or virus in your mobile.
When ever you play any high resolution game like PUGB ensure to connect with high speed internet connection, otherwise on low speed internet your mobile will get heat up and hang repeatedly.
Mute Facebook, Messenger, and other notifications to avoid unnecessary distractions while in game to saving resources.
Do not play PUBG Mobile outdoors where there is direct contact of the sunlight with your phone, That can make your smartphone’s temperature worse.
Keep the brightness of your phone to a fixed level such as 40–50%. Turn off Adaptive Display or Auto Brightness.
Remove your protective case and cover while you are playing PUBG Mobile, that would help a lot during play game.
Close all other applications that are running in the background before launching PUBG game.
Don’t do Multitasking, Use One Application at a Single Time, And turn off Unnecessary Toggle.
In the End, I would like to Suggest that Just let your Device Quite and care about it. Because of Heating, you are Also Damaging the Life Cycle of Your Mobile’s battery.

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