How to unblock Website URL Link on Facebook

Best Tips to unblock website link on Facebook

The best ways to unblock website links on Facebook, read this article complete and then you no need to go anywhere else, as everybody know Facebook  is the biggest platform to increase traffic on website and this is the main reason most of the bloggers and YouTube’s using Facebook groups and pages to share website links and post, but the Facebook policy is now a day’s getting strict, and secure data of their users. So that’s why Facebook blocked most website URL and links on pages, groups or even in any post.

Most of peoples using Facebook groups and pages to marketing their product through websites and pictures by posting.

Why Facebook Unblock Websites Links and URLs?

Most of persons using direct web link and start to posting in many Facebook groups and in pages at once and also few of them using direct inbox of users, which is not allowed if you did not verified your link through Facebook legally.

Which Types of URL and Links Facebook Blocks

Facebook mostly block those website links in which there is content against Facebook policy or broken and unusual content.

How to Unblock My Website URL on Facebook

There is a simple method, you just need to read this article till end, and surely you will get solution after reading complete this post.

I have given a Facebook Help Link How to Unblock Website Link Just Click Here and after opening this link you need to type following text along with your website complete URL or link to resolve your matter with n two to three working days.

Copy Following Text and Paste

(Hi Facebook Team! I’m very happy to know that your team takes action against Spam, Malware, Recently I have Seen that My Link: has blocked I don’t go against your security. Please Unblock My Website. Thank You Facebook Team!).

How to Submit Facebook to Unblock Link

Here is the keywords just copy and paste in the link above given and replace the name of your Website and press on highlighted Send button, after this your website link will unblock auto within three working days.

After resolve matter you can post as many as you can on any pages or any group by your same profile where you submit to Facebook.

Hope you understand and this article; feel free to contact us if you have any matter regarding this issue.

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