How to Play PUBG on PS4, PC and on Mobile

Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds: How to start playing PUBG on PS4, PC and on Mobile

How to Play PUBG on PS4, PC and on Mobile, Here are some tips and tricks to start playing PUBG on PS4, PC or mobile one of the most important battle royales on the market that should be tackled slightly differently in the Sony desktop, How to wall hacking cheat in PUBG Click this link and start to enjoy easy wall hacking

PUBG is a mass phenomenon in the battle royale mode, although in recent times it has been largely surpassed by Fortnite. Anyway, the arrival of PUBG to PS4 will allow the license to gain popularity after its temporary exclusivity in PC and Xbox One, and the players of the Sony platform must first know some keys so that their games are successful.

It will be difficult for you to win in PUBG on PS4, PC or mobile but thanks to our tips and tricks you will have advantages over other rivals. So do not lose sight of everything we have to tell you next because it is what you need to win.

Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds: tips and tricks to start playing PUBG on PS4, PC or mobile:

We give you some general tips and tricks that will allow you to obtain a series of advantages during each of your games:

As soon as you are ejected from the plane at the beginning, aim downwards to increase your descent speed, in order to reach the ground before your rivals and be the first to obtain the best resources.
Do not worry about giving the button to activate the parachute, since it will open automatically when you reach a certain distance from the ground.
While you are descending, look all around you in case there is any other user that is going to fall on your area too, this will allow you to avoid being eliminated during the first minutes, or you can even take advantage of to ambush the other opponent.
Be quiet. Always try to advance stealthily to surprise your rivals. If you start making unnecessary noises you will be the first to fall in battle.

You should not always reach the white circle area by the time the meter ends since at that moment the blue circle will move slowly and you will still have some additional time to reach the designated area.

If you see that a red circle appears, do not stay in it given that you will be bombarded with many bombs. So there you have an almost certain death.
Even if you feel that you are calm and safe in a building, you should be aware that other users might think the same and use that hiding place, so be aware of all the doors.
You can get fall damage when you jump from a building or even when you’re in a vehicle, so be careful what you do because you could end the game on your own.
If you see that you are being shot, do not stand still or look for the shooter. Simply locate the first safe area you have and then you will have time to know where the shots came from.

Avoid places with strangulation of the map, that is to say, those places where there are ambushes. If you see for example a bridge or many buildings together it is likely that they are waiting for you.

Best Locations in Player Under Battle Ground

Avoid areas such as the military base at the southern tip of the island or even in the centre of the island itself. These areas are always places with many enemies.
Try to fall into an area with good resources, almost always present in cities, but choose those that are less marked and small, to make sure they have not yet been looted.
Do not hesitate to get rid of all the objects that you have disused in the inventory.
Always exchange the weapons in your inventory for the best ones you can find. As the game progresses, new and more powerful weapons will appear.

When you eliminate an opponent, do not immediately go to plunder his body as he could be part of a squadron or have another user nearby and be the next to fall in battle.
Remember that you can only recover up to 75% of maximum health with energy drinks and bandages. To recover 100% health you need to use a first aid kit.
Attentive to the falls of supplies. Every time you hear a plane flying above you, look up and follow the trajectory of the plane to locate where this drop in supplies may fall. If you are lucky to be the first to open it, you will find advantages to win the game.

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