PUBG Best Tricks to Not Die in The Zombie Mode

The Best Tricks to Not Die in The Zombie Mode of PUBG Mobile:

If you are a fan of PUBG Mobile you have probably tried your Zombie Mode. If not, you’re missing out on a lot of fun and the possibility of ending endless hordes of undead and their dogs. This mode arrived a few months ago to boost the game-play and keep the millions of gamers of PUBG hooked, since there are other alternatives such as Fortnite or Free Fire. Today we are going to tell you some tricks to survive in the Zombie Mode of PUBG Mobile.

The Zombie Mode of PUBG Mobile substantially changes the way you play. It is still the same shooter, but when night falls we will have to be much more attentive not to be devoured, we will also get some scare than another, especially if we play with headphones.

Tricks to Not Die:

The tricks that we tell you below can be considered small bugs, since they allow us to be in a fixed waiting position without the zombies can attack us or the gas affects us. PUBG Mobile makes continuous updates so it is possible to fix these small flaws that work today, but tomorrow may not.

The Tractor:

This trick is to stand next to a tractor, lie down and crawl to get under it. At that time neither gas nor zombies can reach us, making it an ideal place to heal or wait.

The Police Station:

It’s about going to the police station, which is riddled with poly-zombies and climbing on top of the paintings. To reach them we must first jump on the wooden railing. Once over we will have a clear vision of the premises and we will be safe. We can slaughter zombies to taste, wait or heal us without any problem.

Three Floors House:

Just below the police station there is a three-story house. We will have to enter and go upstairs. The trick is to place them under the window, just above the outer sheet. It is another place where we will be safe from gas and zombies, which will be stuck.

City of Water:

The flooded city also hides a similar trick. For this we will have to enter a house and place ourselves behind a door and facing the street. Neither zombies nor dogs can enter.

Truck Trailer:

Pochinki has two large truck trucks scattered on the map. This trick works on both. It is about getting into the trailer and crouching in the hole next to the part opposite the cabin. This will make us invisible to zombies and will make the gas not affect us. From this point we can shoot the enemies and they will not be able to see us.

Tips for The First Person Mode:

First-person mode is also available in the game, and there are a number of tricks that will allow you to win games using this mode and are the following:

When you are descending you will continue in third person mode, so use it to know where the rest of the enemies are falling from. Once you touch the ground it will be time to change the view.
The vision is much reduced in the first person mode since it will no longer be possible to look around corners inside buildings. So keep this in mind.
That will also give you an advantage since the other enemies will also be more difficult to get right between the corners of the buildings.
With the first person it is easier to aim from the hip, even counting on the same aiming grid.

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