PUBG Updated Wall Hack Anti-ban 100 Percent

PUBG Updated Wall Hack Anti-ban Percent 

PUBG Updated Wall Hack Anti-ban 100 Percent step by step, the Updated version of cheating PUBG Wall hack December 2019. Pubg Mobile Hack Cheats, How to Use following are the method to use in PUBG Mobile Ten-cent Emulator.

Method to Use Wall-hack in Pubg

  • First of all you need to Disable your Windows Defender and Antivirus Running Software
  • Secondly Enter in the control panel and from the control panel need to enter in the Time zone options.
  • Now Click on the time zone and than click to change System Local under the Administrations tab.
  • Now here you need to select Chinese language from Current System Local Options
    After selecting press on OK, and than restart your computer or mobile.
  • After restarting your computer, need to enter in Tencent Emulator and go to Tencent Emulator Settings.
  • In this method you can also use English language you no need to change any language.
  • Now download two files from below links and keep on Desktop all two files.
  • Now copy both files and paste in the C Drive Windows/System32/Drivers/etc/paste here
  • Now extract this file on desktop MemoryUI[Gamer Tips] and delete host file from desktop.
  • Now open this file MemoryUI[Gamer Tips] right click and open as administrator and also open PUBG game run Pubg game.
  • Here now you will get auto hack bar opened and in explorer browser a link will opened, click on Register button and type PUBG User name, email and type any password with date of birth.
  • Press tick mark on Captcha and click on continue

Watch Complete Video Tutorial

It is recommended that before apply this you must off your Window Defender and Antivirus otherwise it will not work.

Easy Steps to Understand

  • First of all install Player Under Battle Ground from Tencent Emulator on your PC.
  • Short Logo of PUBG (Player Under Battle Ground) on your Desktop.
  • Open Player Under Battle Ground and comes in to Lobby.
  • Disable your PC antivirus on window 10 or 7 whatever are you using need to disable it.
  • Download following blue colour Script and unzip it from unzip folder and keep also this folder on Desktop.
  • Open folder, now right click over (Launcher) file and open as Administrator
  • It will ask security and than click to open link.
  • Several times it will give error but do not worry keep it continue till it work.
  • After click once again it will ask security than repeat same as previous.
  • Now it will open and show on your PUBG GAME lobby window.

Download Following two Files 

MemoryUI File: Click Here

Host File: Click Here

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