Redmi Note 8 series is on its way

Redmi Note 8 series is on its way

Redmi Note 8 Series Launching Soon Here is what you need to know, We all know that Xiaomi can’t be compared when it comes to its flashy note series. This fact couldn’t be denied that both the Redmi Note 7 and Redmi Note 7 Pro were welcomed with open hands in the market. Customers were happy to get so many features within a reasonable price.

We can see Xiaomi all storming back with its Note 8 series. This new Redmi note series is still about to come and there are a whole lot speculations about it and the people can’t control their excitement and already hypothesizing what key features to expect from this new note series. Today, we are also going to see what to expect from Redmi Note 8 and Redmi Note 8 Pro:

AMOLED Display:

I can’t believe myself when I say that this series is going to offer bezel-less display. This is a lot to expect from a phone worth 15,000. I don’t think Xiaomi could be missing out this great opportunity of attracting its customers. As Redmi K20 and Redmi K20 Pro had AMOLED displays so let us expect this new attractive feature to be added in the upcoming Redmi Note series.

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When you are bezel-less, you don’t have many options I guess. Same goes for upcoming series as this is the most considerate option with a tiny budget like this. The flashy idea from the K20 series could be the most suitable scenario for Note 8 series.

Rear Camera:

When it comes to rear camera, there are so many things to expect from it . Rumor has it that Redmi Note 8 would be having a 64MP rear sensor. On the other hand, Xiaomi itself announced that it would be the first one to release a 64MP rear camera. The first phone having this coolest rear camera could either be Redmi gaming phone or the upcoming Redmi Note series. May be we will have this 64MP rear camera on Redmi 8 Pro but obviously we have to wait to find out.

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Finger print sensor:

The possibilities for finding in-display finger print sensor on Redmi 8 Pro are seen to be conclusive. If the company is using AMOLED display, there’s a positive chance that it is going to have an in-display finger print sensor. This also seems a great deal to attract all the Xiaomi fans again, who were somewhat disappointed by Redmi K20.

Charger in the box:

Fast charging is the trend these days as no one is willing to waste their time on worthless batteries. A fast charger is what the Smartphone users should expect but ironically people don’t seem to care much. I’m sure this fast charging is going to have its place in the new Redmi Note series.

It is confirmed that Redmi Note8 would be stronger, meaning that it has a major improvement in its predecessor. We all are happy to hear about this upgrade and looking forward to it.

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