The Promise Yemin Turkish Urdu Drama Episode 9

The Promise Yemin Turkish Urdu Drama Episode 9

Yemin The Promise Turkish Urdu Drama Episode 9, The main leading role of the drama are played by Ozge Yagiz and Gokberk Demirci.

The Story of the Drama

Hikmet brought Reyhan she is the niece of Hikmet in this series, bring her Istanbul to marry with his son Emir, Reyhan’s mother died she was the sister of Hikmet and Hikmet was promised her to marry his son with Reyhan, Hikmet told convinced Reyhan by told about his hidden acute disease which affect on Reyhan and she agreed to marry with his stranger son Emre, but unfortunately Emir the son of Hikmet was spoiled and refused to marry with Reyhan.

The mother of Emre and servant of house eagerly started hate with Reyhan in home and started to backbiting against her, but the grand mother of house wanted to give love Reyhan, well all in this series the drama is suspense and good story based

Following are the Cast in Yemin The Promise Drama

Gul Arcan Acting as Cavidan Tarhun and hehe boi
Ozge Yagiz Acting as Reyhan Tarhun
Berkant Muftuler Acting as Hikmet Tarhun
Can Verel Acting as Kemal Tarhun
Ceyda Olguner Acting as Cemre
Cansin Mina Gur Acting as Masal Tarhun
Ali Dereli Acting as Zafar
Sila Turkoglu Acting as Suna Tarhun
Derya Kurtulus Oktar Acting as Sehriye


The Promise Drama Directed by

Serkan Birinc

The Promise Drama Written by

Gokhan Zincir

Following are the links of each episode The Promise Drama in Urdu

Click Here to Watch Episode 8 in Urdu Full HD

Click Here to Watch Episode 9 in Urdu Full HD

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