If you have not played the PLAYER UNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS yet, it probably sounds good to you or your friends are asking you every day to buy it. The phenomenon of the Bluehole game is a fact, and it does not stop growing in numbers. 100 people on an island condemned to kill each other to be the last player alive. But you still ask yourself: “If I already have it, where do I start?” There are certain things to keep in mind the first time you start a game, we help you know what you need to know.

Know the map:

First, what you should do is open the map by pressing the M (default). The island, called Erangel, contains different nuclei where you can find more or fewer weapons equipment and accessories. Cities like Pochinki, Georgopol or the military base will have more chances of looting or objects to loot, but in exchange for a higher risk.

You have to choose between landing at a point further away from the plane’s route or doing it at a closer one. Neither option guarantees that where you fall is not a bloodbath or find things, but if you are starting and do not trust your skills, maybe it is better to opt for a quiet area in exchange for sacrificing better weapons but reduce the chances of getting out alive from the area.

Land as quickly as possible:

It seems obvious, but falling before other players, especially in crowded areas, will give you a lot of advantage. If you dive with the W pressed you will gain speed, but you will lose track. If you prefer to advance to fall somewhere farther away, it is better to place the camera at the point you mark to fall later in a dive once you have approached.

The difference between life and death, in these cases, is the luck to find a weapon quickly. If you see yourself with possibilities and you know that you have fallen with more people, do not hesitate to go and look for it, because they probably do not have weapons or have found only one gun. If you hear shotguns be careful because at close range they can leave you out of a shot. To learn more about the weapons of the game you can visit our guide.

Do not stop moving:

Once a few minutes pass and the map begins to shrink, do not stop moving. Even to pick up objects, it is better to tabulate and keep using the AWSD keys to dance than to stand for a few seconds. You never know who may be watching, and not moving can cause a sniper to shoot you in the head.

In addition, there will come a time in the game where the lottery will not be profitable. You may not have the best weapons in the game, but it is not always safe to enter houses and it is possible that they have already been looted. Try to anticipate the blue zone by watching your back. Normally, the area of the circle closest to the blue zone is the safest side to approach a safe point, because you know that behind it is very likely that there is nobody.

Watch the blue zone:

The blue zone or energy field that is eating much of the map as the game progresses is another of your main enemies. You never know where you are going to close the circle because the game is chosen at random, but falling into a very remote area implies two things: not stop running during the middle of your game or having, by obligation, to use a vehicle to get there to the game circle.

Keep in mind that as the round progresses the blue zone will give you less time to move and will do more damage. In fact, if you continue outside when the circle finishes reducing its size, it will do double the damage, so be careful. The time it takes each zone to close is as follows:

First circle: 5 minutes
Second circle: 3 minutes and 20 seconds
Third circle: 2 minutes and 30 seconds
Fourth circle: 2 minutes
Fifth circle: 2 minutes
Sixth circle: 1 minute and 30 seconds
Seventh circle: 1 minute 30 seconds
Eighth circle: 1 minute

Do not forget the armor:

If you find a vest or helmet, take it. Body armor will help you resist more damage, and has up to three levels. Each helmet or vest has a durability and damage reduction:

The level one armor will give you a ** 30% damage reduction ** and has a durability of 80 points on the helmet and 200 on the vest.

The level two armor will give you a 40% damage reduction and has a durability of 150 points on the helmet and 220 on the vest.

The level three armor will give you a 55% damage reduction and has a durability of 230 points on the helmet and 250 on the vest.

Keep in mind that no matter how badly damaged your armor is, it will continue to have the same effect until its durability is exhausted. Therefore, having a level three vest that is 60% damaged will always be better than having an impeccable level two.

Both your legs and your arms have no armor, but an impact on any of the limbs will have your damage reduced by 50% . In addition, shots in the head multiply by 2.5 the damage to reward the aim.

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