Famous Turkish Urdu Dubbed Drama

Top Famous Turkish Urdu Dubbed Drama Airing in Pakistan

After famous Pakistani and Indian drama, now peoples of Pakistan and Indians are curious to watching Turkish Drama, because of suspense, love, action and reality found in Turkish drama after watching Pyar Lafzon Mein Kahan Ask Laftan Anlamaz, back to back most of Turkish drama are watching in Pakistan on different private TV channels.
What is the Reason to Watch Turkish Drama
The most reason to watch Turkish drama are much popularity, participated by educated and youngest actors and actresses in their dramas and the most thing is best HD results and reality in stories to touch everyone’s heart. most handsome and glamorous girls, expensive plots with charming culture, attractive views, locations, and dazzling dresses on stunning sets, Turkish dramas taking supremacy on Pakistan’s television screens.
Following are the list of dramas recently airing in Pakistan on different TV channels which can be easily watch on differing timings.

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1. Fatima Gul Akkhir Mera Qusoor Kiya Turkish Name Fatmagulun Sucu Ne??

It is an story about a brave, innocent girl which were gang raped by some persons before her wedding and in this story it is stated that how a girl take revenge with bravery and fight lonely with rapers to unveil their reality to seek for justice and peace. this story is airing on TV Channel Urdu1.
Fatima Gul is Turkish television drama series produced by Ay Yapım broadcasting on Kanal D. The series is taken from Turkalis novel, Fatmagul’un Sucu Ne?, which was made a film in 1986. The series is written by Melek Gencoglu and Duo Ece Yorenc.


2. High Society Urdu Name Armaan Turkish Name Yuksek Sosyete

It is actually the Korean Drama series, with two different and sorrowful world, this series is consists on love based series in which one high society young girl does not settle with her family and want to own work and to live with friends who also love with the same person and the other side a rich man who wants to hide himself in offices to not show for all

Armaan drama airing on LTN Family Channel twice in a weak to watch click here, at Pakistan standard time 8 pm on Wednesday and Thursday, and later uploaded on YouTube channel name Filmazia and Urdu Online.


3. Intikam

Intikam is a Turkish series broadcast on Kanal D TV Channel. It is jointly produced by Disney and In D house Productions the production wing of Kanal D.
In this drama an story about Derin Celik who was lost her father in a young age than she found him from a jail and than she starts to take a revenge those who culprit behind it, this drama dubbed in urdu and airing on Geo TV.


4. Ishq e Mamnoon

This drama is too much famous and has been translated more than 35 languages and because of high demand its taking rebroadcasting on different channels and in Pakistan it is by storm.
It aired on Urdu1 channel first time in Pakistan and get the popularity of the play gradually led to the rise of Turkish entertainment in the nation.


5. Sunehri Tirliyan Turkish Name Gunesin Kizlari

It is a best Turkish drama aired on Pakistani channel in this drama it is an story about a young girls who fall in love with their friends after her mother decided to get married once again to promote a good culture in home and to educate her three daughters to bright their future.


6. Kala Paisa Pyar

Serial Kala Paisa Pyaar, It is the most viewable serial in Pakistan and in India, t is a serial in which story about to give great concepts of the mystery, love sacrifices in relationship. In most Turkish series it is the one which demanded most of viewers.

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