WhatsApp beta adds fingerprint for Android

WhatsApp beta adds fingerprint for Android and here’s what you need to know

WhatsApp is one of the famous texting platforms due to its helpful features, easy to use interface, and easy signup and for transferring files to other devices conveniently. Everyone in your friend circle must be satisfied with this app and this app keeps on surprising its users with its new features. It is used to send greeting messages and people use it to do more personal conversations as well.

People mostly prefer locking the message apps in their phones along with screen locks as it is an era of privacy and companies must take care of their user experiences. WhatsApp have also realized that it is a need of time to support its users by launching finger lock feature. This new unlock feature is being tested in its latest android beta.

This feature is going to facilitate the android users in a way by which they can open the app using the touch ID fingerprint sensor on their phones. Even if the app is locked, user can reply to messages and calls using notification bar while the app is still locked. This feature is to operate on android Marshmallow devices and above. Users will have to manually turn this feature on as it is disabled by default.

You must update your app to the latest version to activate this feature. If you are already up to date and can’t see this feature, than you can reinstall your app along with backing up your chat history to keep your data safe. If you still can’t see the updated feature, than you can wait for the time being until your device meets the requirements.

Time to unlock the new fingerprint lock feature on your mobile

These easy steps are going to help you get this new feature instantly. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Firstly, tap extreme right three dot menu and then go to settings
  • Secondly, tap on accounts and then go to privacy
  • Once you are through, tap on fingerprint lock option
  • Turn the toggle on parallel to unlock with fingerprint option
  • The app will ask you to touch the finger print sensor and confirm fingerprint
  • Once you confirm your finger print, this feature is enabled on your WhatsApp on Android device

You are also going to see customized options when you want to lock chats automatically. You can also customize options related to message preview when the app is locked.

Shield your WhatsApp chat with new finger print feature for beta users

This feature is only available on beta versions right now. This is soon going to facilitate other versions in coming days as well.

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